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Pam has worked with Dr. Fox and Dr. White for more than 3 years providing lifestyle guidance/counseling, nutritional counseling and overall evaluation. She graduated from Westbrook College with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing and has experience in Medical/Surgical, Orthopedics, Asthma/Immunology and Gerontology. She also worked at NutriSystem, monitoring and counseling weight loss patients. At Heritage Integrative Healthcare, her expertise is instrumental in guiding our patients through their course of care, both comfortably and with optimal results.

By discussing the details of one’s daily lifestyle, she can help make active changes in eating patterns, sleeping patterns, exercise patterns, that bring about significant changes and results in the body and overall quality of life. Pam is also extremely passionate about working with parents and children to help create healthy choices and meal options, as well as guiding parents through the needs of their children from a metabolic standpoint. Through her highly specialized background in diet and nutrition, along with a full scope and line of diagnostic analysis, Pam will work together with oversight from Dr. Fox to formulate a personal care plan designed to help maximize your potential while reducing risk factors for diabetes, cardiovascular and/or digestive issues.